Exploring the hidden sacred...


Nadav Kahn is an Israeli born, Sydney based singer songwriter/producer who burst onto the Australian music scene in 2000 with his first band GELBISON. His musical pallet was forged out of a passion for experimental sound and pop music. Since then, he has released records and toured the globe in the indie rock arena, folk and world music scenes, forming many musical collaborations. These include the bands KAHN BROTHERS, NATIONS BY THE RIVER, the tree house super group OPERATION ALOHA, and his latest band of friends AIR LAND SEA.

Over the past 12 years, Nadav has spent much time in India discovering and studying the mystical powers of Vedic chants and mantra, as well as delving into the study of Kabbalah and sacred prayers in his native tongue – Hebrew. He is inspired by the transformative power of music and the ancient science of sonic vibration, meditation and yoga as paths to self-discovery. These explorations shaped and influenced the making of Nadavs two solo albums – ‘OM’- a Sanskrit mantra album, and ‘Lev Shalem’ (whole heart), a Kabbalah inspired album of prayers. Both records invite the listener back to themselves.

Drawing on mantra as a direct channel for the soul, Nadav’s latest album ‘Pop Sutras’ explores how the sacred is truly hidden in all things. In ‘Pop Sutras’ he has re-dressed a collection of old and new hit songs by drawing on Eastern-infused, kirtan-style musical soundscapes, turning them into personal modern meditations.

Nadav also spends much of his time collaborating and co-writing with other artists internationally. He recently co-wrote the title track of AOKI’s 2015 album ‘Neon future’, along with Steve Aoki and Luke Steele (EMPIRE OF THE SUN). In 2013 he composed his first feature film soundtrack ‘Despite The Gods’, alongside singer APPLEONIA. In 2009, Nadav received the prestigious Australian APRA Music Award for “Song of the Year” for co-writing & co-producing the OLD MAN RIVER song “Sunshine”.

Nadav is currently working on a new mantra based album specifically designed to support yoga practitioners.