Nadav’s Pop Sutras on Noisetrade

We are excited to announce that Nadav’s album, Pop Sutras has been selected by Noisetrade as a New and Notable album this weekend. as a way of saying thanks, Nadav has made Pop Sutras available on Noisetrade for free for a limited time, so grab a copy and feel free to make a donation. The album will completely blow you away with its style and quality.

“I’m so excited to share with you this first offering of some of my favourite pop songs. I’ve put them into new musical contexts with which your ears will be stretched and hopefully amused to listen to them in new ways. They are a reminder that the sacred lives in everything…” Nadav

The album will be promoted by Noisetrade to their database of over 1.4 million people tonight. Congratulations Nadav.

Take a listen to the album here or click the Noisetrade button below to download.