Nadav Brings Pop Sutras Kirtan to Yoga Studios

In the wake of the warm up performance of Pop Sutras at Onespace HQ Bondi, Nadav and his new band are preparing to present Pop Sutras Kirtan at Yoga Studios across Australia.

In an article about the birth of Pop Sutras, Nadav described the concept as the modern mantra of our times.

“Having recited ancient mantra’s, sung prayers and attuned myself to the vibratory power of sacred words of the worlds traditions I discovered that the mantra of our time is hummed, sung, absorbed and recited in cars, in clubs, on TV, in the shower and in every aspect of life. The modern mantra of the masses is here present in popular music of every era. The anthems of youth and the  calls to action”.

If you would like your studio be part of the Pop Sutras Tour, contact us at –